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MSM9520 spare

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Replacement module for IC on counter-unit PB-2086, PB-2098 or PB-3430
YAESU FT-101ZD MarkII, FT-101ZD MarkIII, FT-107, FT-707, FT-901 (late series), FT-902

Picture of installed MSM9520

In many YAESU-transceivers like
FT-101ZD MarkII, FT-101ZD MarkIII, FT-107, FT-707, FT-901 (late series), FT-902
often the digital display remains dark or shows the same all the time.

The problem mostly is caused by an IC on the counter unit
PB-2086, PB-2098 or PB-3430.

The MSM9520

A friend of mine had the same problem.
So he invented a replacement module which replaces the old IC.
I also had a faulty transceiver display.

It was very easy:
1. Desolder the old origin IC
2. place the golden socket (included)
3. put in the replacement

This part did help already several HAMs!
Also my display works now as a new one.
Support included!

There is no modification on the pcb required!

Each MSM9520 spare is:
  • built up in top quality
  • made in Germany
  • tested one by one
  • packed esd-safe after final check.


Hi guys!
MSM received today and now........ it works!!!!
Many many thanks!!!
Best regards
Alberto - Italy

Good news,
The IC has arrived. Installed with no problem, works perfectly
Thanks for solving my problem.
Had looked at a simular solution from Japan, but yours is
much easier with no modification to counter board .
I will recomend you to any one with the same problem here.
Best regards and thanks Laurence Mathews ZL1ICU

The replacement unit arrived this afternoon.
A half hour later I had my digital display back!
What a pleasure it is to have the display operating again.
Thanks you for developing the replacement, it was about as easy as can be to install it.
73,s Al WA3YQK

Hi to all Thank you very much for the prompt dispatch of MSM9520 replacement component,
it arrived approx. 10:15am Aust.
Eastern summer time today I had the radio up and running at 10:30am.
An excellent fix to the problem, congratulations to designer.
Regards Alan VK...

Yes we can !
The problem was solved .
Now, no more assassin segments .
Thank you
73 CT1RH

further informations and purchase

Here you can download the pdf with informations and shematic of the MSM9520

In our shop can buy your MSM9520 remake

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