About the idea:
Everybody is talking about environment and its protection.
Everybody knows about growing number of old people in industrial nations.

In Germany you often are told: „Well, this is not worth repairing it – new equipment is cheaper and better!
When we go on, wasting material in such a great speed we will get big problems.
Many countries, like China and India do have a very big economic growth. They also need commodities, metal, ...
I believe in some years we will search for old equipment because prices are rising and rising.
In some areas this already happens, e.g. on silver, copper, and so on.
Wars, corruption and exploitation of labour and nature are a useful ways of big companies in poor countries.

Does it make sense consuming and producing more and more for a so called environment growth? Who tells us?

If I had children one day – what could I tell them if they ask me:

Daddy, why don’t we have winter any more?
Is it normal we have to fight for our water?
Is it true that in previous times you bought equipment for consuming music and TV for trashing it when it was broken? Although you knew that commodities are strongly limited?
Why are those old people so poor and sad even they are promised a long life?

Well, I decided to find an answer to some of those questions.
But how?

How can I protect commodities?
What can I do for a better life of people?
Maybe this answer is easy but most people don’t like to hear it.

This fooling of commercials has to stop:
No private TV- or Radio-Companies should pollute my brain and my life.
It can’t be a way consuming more and more – without any idea were those things are from or how they have been built!

It is a hard job and with this company I won’t get friends only – Of this I know.

But here you see a small beginning of an idea and a little company.
Thank you for reading this text because you don’t close your eyes for reality!
Repairs and repair-(k)its are environment protection!
Old and handicapped persons need simple, easy and useful equipment.

I know I won’t get rich. But this is not important – Once there will be a day I will have to surrender my possession.
And then it will be more important that real sense was given to my life.