last date of change: August 2009
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picture of a STANDARD C-628

upgrade-(k)it and service

Squelch dosn't close? AF is weak?
Permanent transmitting? Display is flashing?

We can help you!

You want to know more about?
We provide the complete service and repair for an "all-inclusive-flat".
For more information please scroll down a little...

Repairs and Services

We are specialiced on refurbishing the STANDARD C-620 and C-628.

Those jobs will be done:
  • repairing your STANDARD C-620 / C-628
  • Renewing the keys "function" and "ptt"
  • Renewing backup-battery
  • cleaning of pcb, plasticparts and knobs
  • Renewing thermal compound
  • Readjustment
  • Checkreport
  • amm...

We do all those jobs for an all-inclusive price!

Just send us your STANDARD C-620 or C-628 as many HAMs from all over the world do.
And a few weeks later you will get back your refurbished STANDARD.

Displays are no longer available, so they can't be replaced. If someone can tell me a source for new ones please let me know!

For current prices please have a look into our shop STANDARD -> SERVICE

And even if your STANDARD has serious problems, which can't be solved any more - you will get an equal C520/528 for the same price out from our exchange-pool!
One year warranty inclusive.

CTCSS-Unit CTN-520 remake

Modern µPC and SMD-technologie make this unit better then the origin one.
And that on same size!

In our shop you can buy your CTN-520 r

Spare parts

You need a new batteriecase or other spare parts and tools for your C-520 / C-528? Please visit our Online-Shop

technical specifications

  • Transmitting: 430-440Mc and 1240-1300Mc (after modificaion 400-470 and 1220-1340Mc)
  • Receiving: 430-440Mc und 1240-1300Mc (after modification 320-480 and 1220-1400Mc)
  • Mode: FM with +-5kc deviation
  • Real Bibander
  • Power: 70cm 4,5W and 23cm 2,5W on 12V
  • Sensitivity: about 0,1µV on 70cm
  • NF-Output: 200mW at 8 Ohm
  • Step: 5, 10, 12,5, 25kHz
  • Tone-call: 1750Hz (sometimes modification required)
  • DTMF: yes
  • Display with illumination
  • powersavemode
  • CTCSS optional with unit CTN520 (remake available in our shop)