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picture STANDARD C-568 ...-S = european edition; ...-A = US-edition

History and Infos

The STANDARD C-568 is seldom to find on Ebay or HAM-marktes.
It is a Tri-Bander, for receiving and transmitting on 2m, 70cm and 23cm.
On 23cm it's tx-power is limited to 35mW.
But the receiver is often being commended.
Using and handling of the C-568 is simple.
Never the less this portable provides many nice featurs and functions.
That's why used C-568 are still pretty expensive.


frequency range:
2m: RX/TX 144 - 148MHz, max. 5W
70cm: RX/TX 438 - 450MHz, max. 5W
23cm: RX/TX 1240 - 1300MHz, max. 35mW
transmission type: FM
weight: abt. 390g

following options

Batteriecase: CBT-171 6xAA
Batteriepack: CNB-171, CNB-172, CNB-173
CTCSS-Unit CTN-560

download about and for the C-568

User-Manual of the STANDARD C-560 and C-568, pdf, 1,5MB, english