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A legend since several decades
Many OMs and YLs still use this portable.
And most of them say those are the Best portables built ever for hamradio.
For all of them the STANDARD C-520 or STANDARD C-528 became a good partner e.g. on tracking tours, camping, turns,...

STANDARD C-528 vorn STANDARD C-528 seitlich STANDARD C-528 rückseite

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story and history of and about the C-520 and C-528

repair and services for the C-520 and C-528

technical details


frequently asked questions

downloads, brochures, manual

In the following lines you can read a lot of usefull informations and tipps about your STANDARD C-520 and C-528.
We even try to collect as much downloads as we can to provide you a grwoing pool of knowledge.

story and history of and about the C-520 and C-528

The STANDARD C-520 and STANDARD C-528 were built from 1989 until 1994.
Price for a new one was about 500 Euro ( 1000 DM ) in 1990.
They were seperating the C-500-series and were the first real Bi-Bander on this time.
That means this portable is able to receive two frequencies on the same time.
Or you can transmit on the first and receive on the other band simultaneously.

Bi-Bander have several advantages.
For example you can make SAT-QSOs with the STANDARD C-520 and STANDARD C-528.
By reducing the shift to 5kHz you can balance the Doppler-shift.
SAT-QSOs are always a little challenge.
It will work well with a small DuoBand-Yagi or a little LogPeriodic.
For first tests you can try AO-51, AO-27, ISS or SO-51.

STANDARD was well known for inovative and high quality radio communication.
When manufacture of the STANDARD C-520 and C-528 was discontinued it got more and more silend around them for several years.
Many Hams sold their C-520 or C-528 or even threw it away ( one ham told me on hamradio 2010 he did this some years ago... ).

Nearly two decades later time has changed and more and more cheap and low quality ham radio portables are being produced.
High quality portables are hardly to get. Even established HAM-Brands sell more and more low-budget portables.
In addition modern portables are getting more and more smaller and there are barely portables for hamradio with good feelable and large keys.
Of course they now have hundreds of features, software-controll and several menues.
But a growing number of HAMs request for a more simple way of HAMRADIO.
Many OMs crave for bigger portables and want for high-quality with easy usability and larger keys.
And in addition more and more young HAMs learn to hold the C-520 and C-528 in high regard because they like the STANDARD as a collectors item.
After a decrease of price for a used C-520 and C-528 from 500 Euro in 1990 down to 50Euro in 2006 the price began to rise.
In summer 2010 on some fairs STANDARD C-520 and C-528 are being dealt up to 200 Euro.
In many bulletin boards you can read about people asking for repair or used STANDARD C-520 and C-528.

We support this trend, because reapirs and services for used portables is environment protection and conservation of history.
HED RADIO is one of the last wo provides spare parts, services and tools for the C-520 and C528.

repair and services for your C-520 and C-528

Good equipment needs good service. That's why we take care on them.

Since 2007 we do service and repairs for the C-520 and C-528 in germany, europe and even worldwide.
Because of our experience in repairing several hundreds of them we provide complete refurbish for your C-520 and C-528 for a flatrate.

If you'd like to use our service please print out the contract award for repair, print it out and send it with your C-520 or C-528 to our adress.

You want to know more about? Please contact us (link).

refurbishing and and service

Squelch dosn't close? AF is weak?
Permanent transmitting? Display is flashing?
Battery is empty and you need an upgrade?
We can help!

Feel free to contact us:

Flyer, STANDARD C-528, 1989 (pdf about. 2,5MB, english).

technical details

  • Transmitting: 144-148Mc and 430-440Mc (after modificaion 140-174Mc and 420-460Mc)
  • Receiving: 144-148Mc and 430-440Mc (after modification 140-174Mc, 420-460Mc, 820-977Mc)
  • Mode: FM with +-5kc deviation
  • Real Bibander
  • Power: 2m 5W, 70cm 4,5W on 12V
  • Sensitivity: about 0,1µV
  • NF-Output: 200mW at 8 Ohm
  • Step: 5, 10, 12,5, 25kHz
  • Tone-call: 1750Hz (sometimes modification required)
  • DTMF: yes
  • Display with illumination
  • powersavemode
  • CTCSS optional with unit CTN520 (remake available in our shop)

tools and parts

For your STANDARD we still provide many tools.
For some of them we even have constructed perfect fitting remakes.

CTCSS-Unit CTN-520 remake and spare parts

You won't believe it:
There is a remake available for the seldom to get CTCSS-UNIT CTN-520.
The picture above shows how it looks like.
We even provide batteriecases and some origin tools for your STANDARD C-520 or C-528.

CBT-151 Batteriecase for 6 x AA-Cells, 7,2V Buy Batteriecase CBT-151
CBT-152 Batteriecase remake, for 8 x AA-cells, 9,6V Buy Batteriecase CBT-152
CNB-151 Batteriepack, 7,2V, NiMH Buy Batteriepack CNB-151
CNB-152 Batteriepack, 12V, NiMH Buy Batteriepack CNB-152
CTN-520 r CTCSS-Unit, remake, already sold all over the world... Buy CTCSS-Unit CTN-520 remake
CMP-111 Speakermike Buy compatible Speakermike

frequently asked questions

i need the SR 528`s display, mine is broken, have you one to sell?

Regards, Rick LU... from Argentinia

Hi Rick,
new displays are no longer available.
But we have a small stock of used displays in good condition.
73 de Mat, dg1nmt

Hi HED-Team,
do you also provide service for the US?

Regards, Ben, W3... from Virginia

Hi Ben,
we frequently repair SR 520 and 528 from the US, Australia, Switzerland and many other countries.
Just send your STANDARD to our adress. But please declare on your parcel "broken - for repair, 0USD".

downloads, brochures, manual

Usermanual, mods, downloads

usermanual for the STANDRD C-520 and STANDARD C-528, pdf-file, 2.5MB

Flyer, STANDARD C-528, 1989, pdf, abt. 2,5MB, english

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