STANDARD C-220 C-228

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One of the Best hamradio portables ever built.
The STANDARD C-x20 and C-x28 Series were released in the late eighties in 3 editions.
All three editions are real Bi-Bander = Twinband-Radios.
This means they can receive on Band A and transmit on Band B at the same time.

At first there was the C-520 and C-528 for 145MC and 435MC.
Second STANDARD has built the C-620 and C628. This also is a real Bibander but for 435 and 1250MC.
And finally they released the C-220 and C-228 for 145MC and 220MC.
For all there editions we provide service since 2007.

Our special: we do service and repairs on the C-220 and C-228 for a flatrate
No matter how difficult errors are - you always pay the flatrate.
And you always will get back your refurbished portable in very nice and well working condition.

You want to know more about? Please contact us (link).

picture of a STANDARD C-228 and C-220

Tools for your C-220 and C-228

For your STANDARD we still provide many tools.
For some of them we even have constructed perfect fitting remakes.

CBT-151 Batteriecase for 6 x AA-Cells, 7,2V Buy Batteriecase CBT-151
CBT-152 Batteriecase remake, for 8 x AA-cells, 9,6V Buy Batteriecase CBT-152
CNB-151 Batteriepack, 7,2V, NiMH Buy Batteriepack CNB-151
CNB-152 Batteriepack, 12V, NiMH Buy Batteriepack CNB-152
CTN-520 r CTCSS-Unit, remake, already sold all over the world... Buy CTCSS-Unit CTN-520 remake
CMP-111 Speakermike Buy compatible Speakermike

Why STANDARD C-220 and C-228

Sometimes I am asked: "What makes those radios so special".

Well, answer is simple but long:

At first there is a very comfortable and simple usage.
In comprehension to many modern radios the C-220 and C-228 are very good to handle.
The distance from key to key on the keyboard is big enough even for big hands.
For each band there is a seperate knob for volume and squelch made by alps.
Inside the C-220 and C-228 are many high quality parts and features.
Let's take a look to the power amlifiers for example.
Each radio band has his own power unit, made by mitsubishi.
In comparison to actual radios those amps are pretty big but also robust and good to cool.
There are so many things to tell about them...

Some hams say this portables from STANDARD are the Best radios ever built.
That's why we take care on them.

Flyer for STANDARD C528, 1989 (pdf about. 2,5MB, english).