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STANDARD C-150, C-158

Picture STANDARD C-150


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This portable was sold up from beginning 90's.
Many other companies like e.g. REXON and ALBRECHT sold this STANDARD under their label.
Even today many HAMs still use the C-150 and C-158.

technical specifications:

Frequency range: RX/TX 144-148MHz
Mode: FM
RF-Power: 5W at 12V DC
Range Voltage: 5 - 16V DC
Sensitivity: 0,16dB/µV 12dB SINAD
Weight: 300g
Tone: 1750Hz

tools and units:

Batteriecase CBT-151
Batteriecase CBT-152
CTCSS-Unit CTN-150
DTMF-Unit CTD-150


Shematic of the STANDARD C-150 and C-158

User Manual STANDARD C-150, english, pdf, 4MB